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Local Arts and Crafts

Here at Evermore our philosophy has always been to support the local artist and showcase the unique products handmade in Broseley and surrounding areas.


Any of the unique products on sale would be a great addition to your home or a wonderful gift or card for someone special.



  • Rachel Frost Pottery 
    Hand thrown pottery that bring together the industrial and rural aspects of the area.

  • Marise Taylor 
    Greeting Cards and Original  Artwork

  • Haycop Conservation Group 
    Greeting Cards and Prints

  • Tina Dicken 
    Greeting Cards

  • Hayley Plant 
    Fashion Jewellery

  • Sandra Barratt

      Bespoke Book Folding & Greetings Cards

  • Dick Skilton     

      Greetings Cards & Prints

  • The Greenwood Branch

       Handturned Wooden Gifts​

  • Tabitha Harvey

        Greetings Cards​


Sandra Barratt

Sandra Barratt

Rachel Frost Pottery Ironbridge Vase

Rachel Frost Pottery Ironbridge Vase